Water Saving & Energy Saving


Time to Time to Suit Modern Life Style


Sustainable Green Environment for the Better Future

Winkler Far East Limited as a Hong Kong-based company with strong experience in its core business of distributing world-renowned Italian and German brands of bathroom and sanitation products in the over years.


We have extensive knowledge in sourcing, marketing and distribution of mixer and fittings. Winkler fully understands the need of the market and the importance of product innovation to suit modern life style. Over the years, apart from sales and marketing, Winkler has actively involved itself in product development and manufacturing. The quest for quality products has prompted Winkler to develop and manufacture an exclusive line of products under the brand name of " ", responding both to current trend and sustainable future development in the market.


Winkler products are the crystallization of comprehensive market research, product development, innovative manufacturing technologies and eco-friendly concept. In order to heed the demand of various consumer group, the Winkler bathroom and kitchen mixers are launched with a whole range of other Winkler products, including handshower set, shower hose, connecting hose (supply hose) and angle valve. All our products are available from major sanitary-ware dealers, hardware stores and DIY shops throughout Hong Kong.


To supply high quality products is not the only goal for Winkler Far East Limited. The company is dedicated to its eco-friendly commitment and "water saving & energy saving" is the core concern in the production of any Winkler products. The use of flow control aerators, 2-stop water saving control devices (in various model), check valves, flow regulators and washers has enhanced water efficiency and to target environmental protection as a result.


Most of Winkler products are in compliance with the Hong Kong Water Supplies Department's Voluntary Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme on showers and water taps (WELS) and the followings have been rated with Grade 1 / Grade 2 Water Efficiency Label .


Winkler's motto is to develop, manufacture and bring to consumers reliable top-quality products answering to specific need and market trend. We are dedicated to furnish consumers with choices and at the same time be able to contribute positively towards achieving a sustainable green environment for a better future.