Terms and Conditions:

  1. Warranty service will only be honored upon presentation of this warranty card showing dealer’s chop together with the original purchase receipt.
  2. Lifetime warranty for the Ceramic Cartridge

    If there are any problems with your WINKLER faucet which are caused by the ceramic cartridge, such as leakage, blockage etc..., we will replace a new cartridge for you, provided such defect occurs, in our judgment, under normal usage.

  3. Two years warranty for the Faucet
  4. Customers are responsible for delivery to and collection of repaired items from our maintenance centre.
  5. It is the customer’s sole responsibility for removing and installing the product.
  6. This warranty card shall automatically be null and void if:This warranty service excludes all industrial, commercial and business usage.
    • Damage is caused by foreign bodies in the water, dirt or lime scale;
    • Damage is caused by aggressive cleaners, corrosive, acidic, abrasive, alcoholic substances or solvent of the faucet;
    • Damage as a result of misuse, negligence, accident or faulty installation or maintenance;
    • Repaired by unqualified persons or not using original WINKLER spare fittings.
  7. Should any suspicious or questionable occasion arises with regard to the validity of the warranty card or the cause of damage to the ceramic cartridge/faucet in question, Winkler Limited reserves all its right to refuse acceptance of this warranty card and such decision shall be final.
  8. This warranty card is valid in Hong Kong & Macau SAR only.
  9. Please retain this warranty card for future maintenance service.