What is Lead-Free Brass?

Why Have to Choose Lead-Free Faucet?
What is the Health effects of lead?

Hong Kong follows the WHO’s standard, which caps the amount of lead in tap water at 10 micrograms per litre, more stringent than the 15 micrograms in the United States or 50 micrograms in mainland China. However, in 2015 samples of potable water in Hong Kong were found to contain excessive level of heavy metals including lead, which exceeded the standard established by the WHO. Such discovery of contamination caused widespread crisis within the city.


As high level of lead in tap water can cause adverse health effects. If the lead in the water enters the blood and causes high blood lead level, it can cause damage to the brains and kidneys, especially to infants and pregnant women. Hence the Winkler team has pledged for safe potable water through the use of Lead-free brass in faucets production to eliminate any brass contamination.